Rafael Espinoza
Software Engineer


Technical Skills


React, JavaScript, Node, Express, SQL, relational databases, Ruby, Rails, Git, Linux


Webpack, Redux, React Native, Android SDK, AWS, deployment, shell scripting, TravisCI, HTML, CSS, jQuery

Professional Experience

Contract Software Engineer
Referral Exchange 2015 - 2016
Freelance Software Engineer
World Franchising Network 2015 - 2015
Administrator and Instructor
Musically Minded, Inc. 2011 - 2014


Real-time digital music collaboration
Implemented client-side JWT authentication with PassportJS and Facebook OAuth.
Built instrument user interfaces in React to wrap WebAudio API libraries.
Redesigned backend API into a RESTful authentication service.
Modeled persistent data using Postgres and Sequelize ORM.
Utilized Web RTC and socket.io to directly connect clients and optimize latency, using a mesh network.
Wrote bash scripts to automate deployment tasks and project initialization.
Reddit content reader and API client
Established authentication flow using OAuth2 protocol and access tokens for personalized user experience
Shaped, managed and distributed API response data (user subscriptions, popular subreddits, posts, etc) with Redux.
Tested authentication, data flow, user actions and more while writing atomic tests, running on Ava.
Stubbed, mocked API calls and local storage for predictable BDD-style tests, minimizing side-effects
Constructed development and production build chains with Webpack, integrated with Semantic-UI library
Twitter with your GitHub account
Wrote front-end client in React Native and ES6, built for iOS and Android
Connected client to RESTful back-end API and designed UI
Man Page Parser
Unix documentation reporter for your local filesystem
Architected a back-end service to analyze local system’s man pages with Node.
Exposed a simple, RESTful API, supported by Express and QA’d with cURL.
A private CRM & personal organizer for job seekers.
Upgraded to Rails 5, API-only application
Remodeled data in Rails over Postgres database schema to provide private ownership of resources
Wrote autocompletion dictionary with Redis to improve UX when associating entities
Configured TravisCI and CodeClimate for continuous integration and code quality reporting
Purchase financial performance documents
Built a complete, secure shopping and payment experience with Redis, Ruby on Rails
Migrated data and resources from previous incarnation to AWS, Postgres with Rake, Ruby
Music school enrollment system


Hack Reactor
Advanced Software Immersive Program
2016 - 2016
CSU East Bay
B.A. in Music
2008 - 2010
Diablo Valley College
2006 - 2008